Headquartered in Mexico City  and presence in Houston, Singapore and Ciudad del Carmen, E-NAV Offshore was incorporated in July 2019 as a Mexican Offshore Support Vessel owner and operator to service the Mexican and International offshore industry.

E-NAV Offshore will operate domestically as a Mexico operating company with Mexico flagged vessels as well as a International operating company with vessel´s flagged under the Marshall Islands or Singapore juridictions.



Mike Wallace

Partner & CEO


Mike has more than 40 years of experience in the seismic and offshore oil and gas industry where he has held senior positions in companies such as EMAS Offshore, Hornbeck Offshore, Tidewater, Trico Marine, ASCO Group, Halliburton among others.


Diego A. Aguilar

Partner, Vice President



Diego has more than 25 years of legal, consulting, comercial, operations and brokerage experience in the maritime space with 10 years at McQuilling Partners, Inc. as Managing Director and Partner for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.


Juan Carlos Ganem

Partner, VP Administration & General Counsel


Juan Carlos has more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas, mining, energy and infrastructure sectors, holding senior and executive positions in companies such as Cava Energy, Hochshild Mining, Ternium among others.

Eduardo González

Operations Vice President


Eduardo is a engineer with a MBA  and has more than 24 years experience in the marine industry working on board and in senior management positions in companies like Cotemar , Northbank Towing, Seamar, Gulfmark and GIS.


Ed Maxwell

Technical Vice President


Ed has more than 35 years as a technical engineer who held senior technical positions in companies such as Ensco Marine, Solstad,  Trico Marine, RNR Marine, Blessey Marine, among others.

Matt Daugherty.png

Matt Daugherty

Global QHSE Manager


Matthew has more than 15 years of experience in QHSE with a degree in Occupational Health and Safety. Matthew has held senior QHSE roles in the Oil and Gas sector at companies such as AET, Teekay, and Noble Drilling.




E-NAV Offshore has a focus to own and operate OSV´s, with a pristine and solid balance sheet compared to industry peers, alongside its investors commitment to growth. E-NAV Offshore is structured to participate in almost all segments of the OSV space. If it’s offshore and OSV related, we are ready to listen.


We are a truly Mexican-owned OSV company, allowing us to legitimately operate under Mexican flag, but with core International Standards, which are aligned to our international operating structure. These common denominators enable us to operate seamlessly in regions with no ownership restrictions such as Latin America, West Africa, North Sea, South East Asia, Middle East, Caribbean and Brazil.




Protection of the environment, reduction of emissions, and focus on  continuous improvement methods to reduce the company’s carbon footprint is a key E-NAV Offshore priority.


It is critically important for us to reduce the environmental impact of our vessel’s operation. We will embrace modern technology such as Diesel Electric Engines to lower the emissions a vessel produces.


As symbol of our commitment to the environment we have named all our vessels based on endemic plants of the Americas.





Operating one of the most modern fleets in the world, using the most modern IT systems, and having an experienced management team, enables us to work to the highest quality standards. 


For E-NAV Offshore, people is the most important asset. 

We make sure of that the health and wellbeing of our client’s personnel, our workers, and third party contractors stays a priority. 


E-NAV Offshore works on a challenging marine environment, where set up to maintain accident prevention and operate in compliance with international rules and regulations.


E-NAV Offshore has a commitment to support the wellbeing of the environment in every way possible to secure a good future for the next generations. 




We are proudly the first Mexican based OSV company conceived to have a global reach. With offices in Mexico City and Houston, looking to service the most important offshore regions such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the North Sea, Mediterranean, West Africa, Middle East, and South-east Asia. 




In November 2019 E-NAV Offshore and Pacific Radiance from Singapore – one of the leading offshore support vessel operators – formed a technical management agreement to utilize Pacific Radiance’s capabilities and systems to initially operate the first deliveries of the new E-NAV Offshore fleet under their Document of Compliance.


The Pacific Radiance Group of Companies is an established owner and operator of offshore vessels and a provider of subsea services, shipyard services, marine equipment as well as project logistics to the global oil and gas industry.


Pacific Radiance, is committed to Quality, Health, Safety and care for the Environment (QHSE). They are in the business of delivering process-driven quality services, safely and with a focus on minimizing our impact on the environment.

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PSV | Platform Supply Vessel

E-NAV Offshore’s main focus is to provide transportation services of equipment and materials to deep water offshore installations with the most modern fleet in the world. 


E-NAV Offshore has acquired initially a modern fleet of PSV’S MMC 887CD ideal for the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and West Africa, and in 2021 has plans to increase it´s PSV fleet. 



E-NAV Offshore is working towards owning and operating modern IMR vessels to provide services such as:

  • Inspection of top side and subsea systems 

  • Maintenance and repair of topside and subsea equipment

  • Offshore accommodation 

  • ROV capability

  • Emergency response 


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Our strong balance sheet allow us to source and participate in different OSV projects, directly by taking ownership through joint ventures, or via commercial alliances.


Our structure is designed to act in an expedited manner, always complying with the highest governance standards and assuring transparency to our customers and commercial partners.

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